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If you find yourself seeking a holiday or vacation with a difference, experiences not available anywhere else, you should consider a visit to West Papua. The former Dutch New Guinea is now the western half of New Guinea and lies 250km (150 miles) north of Australia.
West Papua borders the independent state of Papua New Guinea and is under the administration of Indonesia – but the inhabitants want their independence and there are many action groups around the world attempting to help them gain it.
There is some confusion centred around the two separate areas of New Guinea.The eastern part, Papua New Guinea, gained independence from Australia in 1975 and the main towns have a reputation of corruption and high rates of violent crimes. Gangs control large areas of the capital, Port Moresby. It too is a beautiful and fascinating country – but great care should be taken when planning a visit.
This site is exclusively about West Papua – or “Irian Jaya” – which is its former name, still occasionally used.